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Your inner voice is guiding you to create

A life beyond
your dreams

Are you listening?

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You CAN live the life you are dreaming of... in fact, it is meant for you!

It's time to break the habits that

are keeping you stuck.

What My Clients Are Saying

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Christine, IL

Gayle pushed me out of my fears and was there for me on the other side which has made me stronger and confident.

I couldn't have done it without her. 


Victoria, NY

Gayle tapped into my issues lying under the surface, brought them out and cleared my energy. Without knowing any of my issues prior she was able to pin point  what was happening. It was magical. Her intuition was spot on and was able to connect with me on a higher level. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

I would definitely recommend Gayle. She’s very special. Gayle has a kind, humble way about her that makes your comfortable from the minute you meet her. I felt like I’ve known her my whole life. She is pure light.

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Amelia, NY

I feel like Gayle launched me lightyears forward / deeper / broader than I could ever get on my own. She brought me back in touch with my true self, true intentions, true power. One thousand percent.

The session with Gayle was  Way way way beyond my expectations. I can't stop talking about it to everyone I can! The multifaceted approach Gayle takes has such breadth, is so personalized and all encompassing. There's nothing else quite like it out there.



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After 20 years of consistent drinking and doubting myself, I chose to get sober and finally give myself a chance at the life I was dreaming about: leaving my 9-5 job, becoming a mother (even though the doctors gave me slim-to-none chance), I rediscovered my spiritual gifts and sharing my message with those who need to

hear it.  


At 44, I am now a mother of a beautiful boy, running my own businesses, becoming a sought-after speaker for webinars and live events, and still growing as I go.

I love connecting with my community, so please come join me on Instagram and let's keep the conversation going.

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