Gayle Damiano

Motivational Speaker

High-Performance Intuitive Coach

Founder: Legal Ease Wellness, LLC


I spent over 20 years fighting with myself: with my alcohol addiction, fighting through repercussions of childhood trauma from abandonment, and years of body dismorphia, repressing healthy behaviors and finally learning how they were all connected to the physical ailments I was having (namely complications from PCOS)


For 20 years, I thought I was infertile and my body felt like shit. 


I felt broken, like there was something wrong with me, and my crushing social anxiety kept me from really asking for help. 


 Until it didn't. 


I reached a point where I had to make a choice for my life and my happiness.

My intuition led me to learn to heal myself mind, body, and soul in order to create the most beautiful and perfect gift, ever... My son.   


Listening to my inner voice and learning to trust it also led me to creating my own business and thriving as someone who dares and someone who cares.

Now I am a beacon of light for other women who are looking to do the same.

I use the tools of intuition, my coaching training, and reiki to clear a path for my clients to finally discover their own power to heal and to create the life of their dreams.


  WE ALL have the power within us to HEAL and to CREATE. 



I create workshops and presentations that allow my audiences to go

on a journey of self-discovery and see the impact possible for them, when they unleash their true potential.

I am currently being invited to  speak to law firms via webinars to address mindfulness and meditation techniques to lower stress in the workplace.  I am also working on my signature talk based on my well-received workshop called "The Power of Listening"

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Initially trained and certified as a holistic health coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), I realized the more I worked with clients that their physical health was only just the tip if the iceberg.  My work grew into lifecoaching with a spiritual twist.  I use energy healing methods, meditation, and intuitive guidance to lead and teach my clients how to live into the life of their dreams. 

My methods create major shifts!

Take a look at some of the testimonials at the bottom of the page.



Causes I support:


Next Group Program

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One-Hour Zoom Reading/Coaching

Schedule a One-Hour Zoom Session with me for pinpointed coaching and an intuitive reading. 

This is the best way to experience my work before you jump into a full program

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Workshops and Keynotes

Now scheduling In-Person events for 2021 and Webinar Presentations ongoing


Are you feeling a higher calling?

Are you feeling a higher calling, a pull to do something more/bigger/extra but are unable to make a move out of fear of change, or fear of failure ... or success?


What if I told you that you have access to the answers you seek, but are just looking in the wrong place?


Where do you want to be 6 months from now?


How about one year?


If you’ve been considering hiring a coach, but have been procrastinating, perhaps this is YOUR SIGN to finally make a move.


Coaching with Gayle

90-Day Intensive Program

Clarity. Accountability. ACTION.

A custom approach for YOU to begin to highten your senses and transform your life.

6-Week Program:

6 Habits to Access Your Highest Self (One-on-One)

A program I developed out of my own journey to highest healing. This is a fast and exciting journey to unlock your access points to your highest self and begin to realign to who you truly are.

4-Month Program:

Focus & Manifest

This program allows for a deep dive into intentional manifesting and a deeper sense of self-love, clarity, and confidence.

"Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. 

You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." 

Lucille Ball


Victoria A.

Gayle tapped into my issues lying under the surface, brought them out and cleared my energy. Without knowing any of my issues prior she was able to pin point  what was happening. It was magical. Her intuition was spot on and was able to connect with me on a higher level. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

I would definitely recommend Gayle. She’s very special.

Gayle has a kind, humble way about her that makes your comfortable from the minute you meet her. I felt like I’ve known her my whole life. She is pure light.

Amelia F.

I feel like Gayle launched me lightyears forward / deeper / broader than I could ever
get on my own. She brought me back in touch with my true self, true intentions, true power. One thousand percent.

The session with Gayle was  Way way way beyond my expectations. I can't stop talking about it to everyone I can! The multifaceted approach Gayle takes has such breadth, is so personalized and all encompassing. There's nothing else quite like it out there.

Catherine D.

I highly recommend Gayle as a reiki practitioner.  My session with her felt like a form of heightened meditation - it put me in a state of total relaxation and increased my body awareness.  And her use of essential oils is divine.

Amy M.

The session was awesome.  

Afterward I felt extremely relaxed.  I felt as if a big weight had been lifted off my chest. I was actually able to breath so much better. My mind felt more open, and it didn’t feel as cluttered and or racing with a million and one thoughts like it normally does.  

I would definitely highly recommend Gayle to everyone and anyone. She has a special talent to making others around her feel at home and feel at peace within themselves.


Gabriela T. 



Before the session  my energy just felt negative all around and I wasn’t feeling my absolute best. 


Afterward, I felt clearer and more at peace. I felt like a room with no roof and it was letting all that great sunlight in. My energy before the session was so dark and afterwards I just felt only positive energy come my way. 


I would definitely recommend this to people I know and don’t know! Spiritually healing is important for growth and a more positive life. My experiences after the session have been more positive than before. 

Christar D. 



Before my Laser coaching with Gayle, I had an idea about my project but was numbed to the idea as to where to start.

Afterward, I felt more at ease with my project… The tasks did not seems too tough to handle and I had a clear idea of where to start.

I booked my first GIG within THREE WEEKS of our coaching session!  Before that, it was just an idea I've been kicking around for about 5 years! 

Gayle is a great coach and Motivator.

Barbara M.

By encouraging me to reach out for help I was able to reach in  - within myself to understand what was holding me back, especially fears I didn't know how to deal with.


I think you are a gifted life coach.

Raquel B.



“The healing was very profound, authentic and I felt a connection with Gayle and her guidance. I had to do this session again!

Now, this is my personal investment to my health in all areas. I love Gayle’s combination of healing modalities. Her insight is profound and I love how down-to-Earth Gayle is. Afterward, I feel great and uplifted and her customer/client care is grade A+.

I have done many Reiki sessions and am a Reiki healer myself. Gayle Heals Healers. Thank you Gayle. ❤️

It was a very healing reading for me; Made me feel like a teacher who cared 😍”

Your Self-Responsibility Disclaimer

While Working with Gayle Damiano in coaching and intuitive work, I am aware that I am taking self-responsibility for my own health and well-being.  The holistic support and advice I receive from Gayle Damiano is in my hands to implement, or not. I take full responsibility for all of the results and consequences of my actions of making changes in my life. I know that it is I who needs to be able to take the information she offers and put it into action. 

Disclaimer: Your health and well-being is your responsibility, plain and simple.  Any educational information through one-on-one healing sessions, classes, and workshops with me, or in my books, articles & blog posts, is for you to use as you see fit on your path to health and healing. Health and well-being is about self-responsibility.  The ability to heal lies within each of us.  The responsibility to care for our bodies to ensure lifelong health, prevent disease, and heal lies within each of us. 

You are responsible for choices you make regarding your health and well-being.  Information from my books, other writings, and working together with me is meant to inspire and inform you so you can invoke self-responsibility and take your health into your own healing hands.  Take what I have learned about health, and healing and create your own truths. The only one who can heal you is you. You are your own healer and I am your support on your healing path with the tools I have learned in my years as an Intuitive, Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner (Reiki Master, Massage Techniques, Spiritually-Guided work).  Teaching is my passion!

By making positive and natural lifestyle choices, the symptoms of disease can heal and an individual can return to whole, vibrant health. The work with Gayle Damiano can begin to open doors of awareness for you so that you may see what you are inviting into your life: your choices, changes, and additions will open new doors to healing, health, and happiness in ways you have always imagined could and should be the human experience.

Be brave.  Take that first step, and then then next, and then the next.

You might surprise yourself.     Blessings,  Gayle Damiano