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Transformation Coach  &  Motivational Speaker

"Gayle is pretty, damn brilliant when it comes to focusing in on whatever is [truly] going on with [a] person. Very few people can do that"
- K.S., New york 

gayle damiano

From Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol to Building a 6-Figure Business

People tell me all the time how my story has inspired them in ways that I will never know. 

There are so many women that find me who feel lost in their relationships, in their own lives, they are addicted to alcohol or shopping, or something else, healing from sexual traumas and more.

They are drawn to me because I am sharing my story.  I have done the inner work to remove my addictions and address the trauma, and it doesn't stop there.

Getting sober was only the first step.  The Real work comes after. 

I didn't know who I was without alcohol, cigarettes, amphetamines.  My habits!  They were so ingrained in my daily life that I had to learn how to know myself without them!

If you want change in your life, you will have to TRULY learn about yourself. How you think, everything.

When I started my business, I floundered until I started truly taking chances and trusting myself FULLY.

And I went from $12k a year to $80k the next year, and doubled that the year after that.

That is a result of the work I've been doing INSIDE to guide my decisions OUTSIDE.

Do you want different results?

I do not promise that you will have the same results I did with money, you might have BIGGER results. Who knows?  

AND it's never about the money.  It's about how you are being in this life, what you are bringing to the table, are you walking your talk, are you WILLING TO LEARN and to accept yourself the way you are in order to grow?

If you are ready, let's talk!


I am a certified speaker through the Big Talk Academy, a Published SPEAKer with SPEAK Events and have taken dozens of stages over the years and spoken to thousands of individuals and professionals.


Is my next stage yours?

2023 mountain retreat for women entrepreneurs

institute integrative nutrition graduate
big talk academy certified speaker
nationally certified recovery coach
speaker at paralegal cruise
contributor for medium

What My Clients Say...

Raeka George, BSN, RN

Holistic Wellness Nurse Coach

"Working with Gayle as my coach for the past seven months has been a transformative experience. What sets her apart is her remarkable ability to unravel my ingrained patterns and pinpoint the subtle keywords I use that unconsciously hindered my progress towards my desired changes.


Gayle not only believes in her clients but also possesses an innate talent for providing solace during our deepest moments and offering invaluable guidance when it's time to adopt a fresh perspective.

Her gentle yet firm approach resonated deeply with me.


By following her benevolent guidance, I discovered a newfound understanding of myself, which ignited a powerful motivation to embrace my authenticity. Gayle's support and insights have been instrumental in my journey towards personal growth and self-realization.

I wholeheartedly recommend Gayle to anyone seeking a compassionate and insightful coach who can illuminate the path to self-discovery and empowerment. Working with her has been nothing short of life-changing."

raeka client testimonial
testimonial cindy

Cynthia Conforti

owner: conforti reporting, chicago 

"[I went from] functional alcoholic, to a person that is clearheaded, grateful every single day for the gifts that sobriety brings, and connected with who I am and what I really want in life.  And still learning new things every day.  It started with sobriety 19 months ago.  Pretty significant for someone who had her first drink at 15 and the last at 62.


Things are just falling into place and I know it has everything to do with the work that I am doing with Gayle -  It's not a coincidence.   

Gayle's coaching for me is always respectful, fearless and nonnegotiable in the uncomfortable phases.  I have gone from a person who didn't trust anyone to trusting myself and others.


 I love coming to NYC every six months for in-person VIP days with Gayle and consider them a permanent part of my new life.  It always amazes me that I physically feel 20 pounds lighter at the end of the session and so connected to the universe.  They are game changer/brain changer days.

 Gayle is an angel, an elevated human, goddess, seer, and truly a born healer.   This is her gift and any person who works with her is just about one of the luckiest people on earth. 


Thank you, Gayle, always, for seeing the limitless possibilities for me and assisting me on my journey to finding out how beautiful life really is.  "


testimonial amelia

Amelia F., CEO & Founder ARC Inc.

I feel like Gayle launched me lightyears forward / deeper / broader than I could ever get on my own.


She brought me back in touch with my true self, true intentions, true power. One thousand percent.

The work with Gayle was  Way way way beyond my expectations. I can't stop talking about it to everyone I can! The multifaceted approach Gayle takes has such breadth, is so personalized and all encompassing.


There's nothing else quite like it out there."


Julia T., CEO Lev-Legal

"I admire Gayle's compassion for her clients and how she genuinely cares about their wellbeing. I’ve worked with several different businesses and consultants trying to find the right fit for me and my businesses and Gayle is the only one who has checked in consistently.Not to make a sale, or to ask for anything, but genuinely check in on me. That is sincerely appreciated and even harder to find."
testimonial julia
testimonial patsy

Patsy A., Owner Althina Doula Services

Gayle helped me to believe and trust in myself and allow the process to flow....

She helped me to see the bigger picture and all the success I could achieve if I put in the work and align myself with people that can help me and my business to grow. 

She has definitely helped me to achieve the confidence I need and to know that it’s ok to ask for help if I need it. I am trustworthy to be a doula I am guided by my ancestors.

I am forever grateful for Gayle being my coach and helping build my business to be the success I envision it to be❤️


More Testimonials...

testimonial victoria

Victoria A., Brooklyn, NY

Gayle tapped into my issues lying under the surface, brought them out and cleared my energy. Without knowing any of my issues prior she was able to pin point  what was happening.


It was magical.


Her intuition was spot on and was able to connect with me on a higher level. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

I would definitely recommend Gayle. She’s very special. Gayle has a kind, humble way about her that makes you comfortable from the minute you meet her. I felt like I’ve known her my whole life. She is pure light.

testimonial kimona

Kimona, Miami, FL

Gayle is very intuitive and helped to pull my dreams out of me and was a fire under my butt.  

I have rediscovered my passion as a singer and am booking gigs! 


I couldn't have done it withouth her.

testimonial christine

Christine Z., Chicago, IL

Gayle pushed me out of my fears and was there for me on the other side which has made me stronger and confident.

I couldn't have done it without her. 

Because  you are an inquiring mind...
here are some of my skills and credentials:

Certified Reiki Master
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Intuitive Healer 
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Addiction Recovery Coach


Gayle Damiano Professional Certifications

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