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It's your time to shine.

Intuitive Coach  |  Motivational Speaker

Founder, Legal Ease Wellness TM

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What My Clients Are Saying

Mountain Ridge
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Julia T., Atlanta, GA

"I admire Gayle's compassion for her clients and how she genuinely cares about their wellbeing. I’ve worked with several different businesses and consultants trying to find the right fit for me and my businesses and Gayle is the only one who has checked in consistently. Not to make a sale, or to ask for anything, but genuinely check in on me. That is sincerely appreciated and even harder to find."


* Our coaching together assisted Julia in cutting costs, eliminating toxic team and client relationships, raising her rates, AND collecting on a 5-figure past-due invoice all in the first 30 days.

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Kimona, Miami, FL

Gayle is very intuitive and helped to pull my dreams out of me and was a fire under my butt.  

I have rediscovered my passion as a singer and am booking gigs! 


I couldn't have done it withouth her.

*Watch Kimona's video testimonial, here

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Patsy A., Newark, NJ

Gayle helped me to believe and trust in myself and allow the process to flow....

She helped me to see the bigger picture and all the success I could achieve if I put in the work and align myself with people that can help me and my business to grow. 

She has definitely helped me to achieve the confidence I need and to know that it’s ok to ask for help if I need it. I am trustworthy to be a doula I am guided by my ancestors.

I am forever grateful for Gayle being my coach and helping build my business to be the success I envision it to be❤️

Who is Gayle?

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Ah, existential questions!  I Love it!


After 20 years of consistent drinking and doubting myself, and suffering from crippling social anxiety,  I chose to get sober and finally give myself a chance at the life I was dreaming about.


For me, that meant leaving my "security blanket" job in the legal industry, it meant becoming a mother (even though the doctors gave me slim-to-none chance), and rediscovering my spiritual gifts, while I share my work with those who wish to receive it.  


At 45, I am now a mother of a beautiful boy, running my wellness consulting and coaching business, Legal Ease Wellness, AND becoming a sought-after speaker for webinars and live events.

I am now a rich resource for my 1:1 coaching clients to learn how to make magic happen in their lives!


Barriers dissapear, trauma begins to heal, dreams come true.

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Defining Movements

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Elevating Wellness in the Legal Industry


Just before I left the legal industry, I started this company.

Legal Ease Wellness is out to UPLEVEL the wellness conversation in the legal industry. Our stance is that it IS, in fact, okay to discuss and learn about the wellness issues that plague the industry; those surrounding stress and self-care, as well as financial wellness and emotional well-being.

By talking, learning, and sharing, we believe we can teach