Many of you know my story, some of you don't

“The Power of Listening: Discover Your Own Healing Power by Tuning In to Your Voice” And I will be sharing my story there. Stay tuned for the link!

For decades I struggled with alcoholism, symptoms from polycystic ovarian syndrome, and feeling like I had no voice and was not the boss of my life.

In 2017 everything changed. The work I had been doing for years leading up to that point had finally began to click. I got sober, healed my body and my mind, and was able to conceive two years after that - despite what doctors had told me about the possibilities of me becoming pregnant naturally.

When my spirit and my mind aligned, I knew that I had to leave the corporate world to share my gifts on my own terms. I have been health coaching for a number of years part time, but in 2018 The call was too strong for me to ignore.

I took a huge chance on myself, I trusted that the universe had my back, and I lept ALL-IN!

When you fully trust yourself, miracles happen!

It takes consistent practice and it helps to have someone hold you accountable.

Are you READY to SHIFT your life?

Another year is upon us. You get to CHOOSE how you’re going to BE within it.

I am OPENING SPACE for ONLY THREE new clients who are 100% READY to put themselves first and finally make the shifts they have been dreaming of.

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