So, what now?

I gave up my job title and my right to collect a weekly paycheck and health insurance and - instead - I stepped into the world of taking care of all of those things MYSELF.

So why am I SMILING?

Because I LOVE WHAT I DO. And I am finally committing to myself FULLY and trusting myself and my work. I am on the leading edge, and it feels FANTASTIC. It's exhilirating and freaking scary... and I wouldn't trade a minute of it!

I knew that the more I kept working for other people and trying to do my own thing, I would not be able to FULLY expand and see how far I could go. That approach worked for about 6 years or so, then I got CLEAR with myself, and I made a POWERFUL CHOICE to take the epic leap - of FAITH.

The funny thing about starting your own venture is that you ask yourself this question pretty frequently, "What now?" Especially right at the beginning. I no longer can rely on a paycheck and my savings certainly won't keep me afloat for long, so "What now?"

Here is a MAGIC formula for success:

1) Have FAITH. In the Universe and in Yourself.

2) Surrender in order to Receive.

3) Spread Love everywhere you go.

4) Work Smart.

5) RECEIVE well.

6) Reward Yourself for a job well done and CELEBRATE IT!

7) Rest well.

8) Repeat.

The more work I do sometimes when I'm "trying to make business happen" the less results I get. The magic always happens when I'm aligned with my inner work AND my outer work.

This is what I work on with my VIP clients. We uncover the things that have been holding them back in life and we begin to HEAL old wounds and learn how to move FORWARD with Compassion, Clarity, and Confidence.

So, What now?

Where are you sitting in your life? Same place you have been for years?

If you are READY to make major SHIFTS in your energy and our life, complete this APPLICATION to work with me now.

Remember: There is no tomorrow. There is only now.

Do what matters.

All my love,


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