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2023 Women Entrepreneurs Mountain Retreat
Elevate Yourself

Oct 5 - 9, 2023                    Ulster County, NY

THIS is the experience you've been waiting for!  

The excuses are now LONG GONE as to why you will "have to wait until..." another time to care for yourself and allow your true essence to BLOOM. 

The opportunity is HERE, NOW.

It is time to elevate yourself!  

Higher vibration!  Higher standards! Higher income!


EXPERIENCE a whole, new level of yourself as you transform your life and business while connecting with nature and your True Power.

This 5-day, 4-night transformational and educational experience is here for you to DEVOUR.


Your soul has been asking for connection for a very long time and we KNOW this is what your business is asking for, as well.


You will be led through workshops and experiences that address your mindset around fear, anger, frustration, joy, and more.  This space is a sacred space for healing and movement. 


You are here for unique and BIG THINGS in this lifetime. This retreat is here to help you connect to your essence and release what has not been working for you, as you DIVE INTO who you are meant to be. 

Connected, Loved, Admired, Whole.  You will have access to emotions you may have thought you lost!  You will see avenues for action that you never saw before - and act with integrity and love to move your business forward. 

Join this group of Passionate and Powerful Women and you will leave INSPIRED.



(Registration Deadline August 1, 2023)

  • Accommodations in a GORGEOUS Renovated 1880s FarmHouse! 

  • All Meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner, snacks, and AF Beverages)

  • Transportation to and from NY Airport

  • Workshops & Activities on and off the premises.

  • A Goodie Bag to remind you of the awesomeness!

  • New friendships and business connections!

  • Deep connection with mother nature.

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Retreat to the Mountains...

You deserve these magical 5 days that cater to YOU

  • 2023 Retreat Deposit

    Deposit ONLY - Mountain Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs
    • This is an initial payment that will reserve your spot!
    • You will be contacted via email to schedule final payment
    • Double-Occupancy Room
  • Double_Occupancy

    Pay-In-Full: Mountain Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs
    • Double-Occupancy Room
  • Single_Occupancy

    Pay-In-Full: Mountain Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs
    • Single-Occupancy Room
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